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Feb 14, 2018

This week on IsraelCast, we speak with IDF Major General Res. Doron Almog, a decorated veteran who received the Israel Prize in 2016, and founded Aleh Negev, a state-of-the-art rehabilitative village in the Negev, home for children and adults with severe special needs. While in the IDF, Major General Almog led an operational task force against the terrorists who murdered the Israeli sports team during the Munich Olympics. He also commanded the first force to land in Entebbe during the 1976 rescue operation and played a key role in the clandestine mission that rescued around 6,000 Jewish Ethiopians from refugee camps in the Sudan. He shares about the groundbreaking work of Aleh Negev and about his remarkable career. This episode is in coordination with Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month, which we honor every February.